Monday, December 20, 2010

Road Daze

The town where I teach is 42 miles from my house. Normally, I ride the school bus as an bus monitor to get to school. One day a week, I drive. Today, the roads were closed between here and there, so I am sitting at home doing jobs that have been ignored (and some that just needed doing). I dug out our snowblower, and got it running to help clear the driveway. I like to shovel snow, but my drive is about thirty yards long, and the snow was heavy and wet. On days like this, I might have driven my Yukon to work, but Songbird, or oldest, borrowed it to move the rest of her things home on Tuesday, so I am left without a vehicle that could have made the drive. Over all, this really isn't a bad thing. Most of the teachers (including me) were just going to watch movies today.

Hopefully, I can get there tomorrow, weather permitting. For now, sign me, relaxed in RS. Stick.

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