Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. George and the Dragon?

"It's a scorcher out today,"
The people all proclaim it,
So I'll just saty inside,
And let my AC tame it.

You could fry an egg outside
If you let it lay too long,
So I'll stay where it's cool
'Cause heat like that's just wrong.

The thermometer is rising.
It passed one-o-one right by.
My friends invite me out with them,
But my icy drink asks, "Why."

They tell me it's a dry heat,
But inside an oven's dry too.
It's so hot that ice cubes burn,
And can melt the soles right off your shoe.

So you can keep your blazing sun,
And your colorful desert views,
As long as I can stay inside
With a cooler that I can use.

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