Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is it time yet?

We made a trip to Ogden today to visit our oldest daughter, Songbird. We took her, along with her boyfriend, to lunch at Olive Garden. Delicious over all, but my wife had one dish that no one really liked. Lots of food, and we gave the leftovers to Songbird for her to put in her refrigerator. She should be able to eat for several meals on what we left. Afterwards, we went shopping and bought a nice new set of pans for our kitchen, and a new bedset for our room. The only problem, now we need to paint the bedroom. Can I take a nap?

Take care. Stick.


Stick said...

We also wonder how long they will go before he asks her the question.

Inklings said...

I'll let you take a nap, but will anyone there?