Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gaining On It

For most of the last year I was working for a large Super store chain (W_ _ _ _ _ _).
One of the side benefits of this came from working many hours a day, and not having very much time to eat. I lost weight. Now, thanks to getting a full-time teaching job, I have been able to quit that position. Unfortunately, I have also started finding some of those lost pounds again. :O( I've started my campaign to stop this, I just hope it works). I don't want to end up right back where I was. Perhaps the stress of working on a Master's degree will help me lose some of it again. (Probably not, you eat more often when under stress).

Here's hoping to not get any larger. Stick.

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Delirious said...

The problem is that going without eating is the worst way to lose weight. Those kind of diets usually cause the body to store fat once you start eating again. I am the heaviest I've ever been, and I think that is due in part to age related weight gain. I walk the dog most days, and I walk at a fast pace, but it hasn't helped me lose weight. I am starting to try portion control.