Thursday, August 12, 2010

Probed, Prodded, Squished and Squashed...but Okay

Recently my wife decided that she needed to have some check-ups done that she has been avoiding. This could be prompted in part by my mother's recent battle with cancer, but was definitely needed. She asked around town here, and everyone said go out of town to ave this done. Truthfully, they did tell her about one place in town, but after one phone call to them, she immediately decided to go elsewhere. That's another story. She asked a firend of hers for the name of the Doctor she goes to in SLC. With a phone call she found she could get an appointment the next day, so off she went.

Yesterday, they called to tell her their were some troublesome spots in her mammogram, and could she come in for a some follow-up diagnostic tests. SO off we went to SLC. Thankfully, after an hour of being squashed and probed, they discovered that the spots were only cysts, and she is fine. She doesn't have to do this again...until next year :o(.

Here's hoping all your parts are in the right place. Stick.


Nene said...

Had one mammogram when I got home from Ireland and they called me back for a sonogram. It turned out okay - just cysts. Darn those cysts! Glad everything came out okay for her!

Delirious said...

I had the same thing happen. And now I know why older women's breasts aren't that shapely. :S

joven said...

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