Thursday, July 10, 2008

Under the Knife...Again Hop-a-long

My third daughter under went her second surgery yesterday. This was to correct the Haglan's deformity on her other ankle. Everything went well, and the Doctor is happy with the way the first surgery is healing.

The problems come because she now thinks she is an old hand at this. She doesn't want to stay down with her foot elevated. She hasn't been keeping the ice pack on it the way she is supposed to. She hates the boots, so she keeps leaving them off. In other words, she is ignoring the Doctor's post op instructions that helped her heal so quickly on foot number one! We keep telling her that she is going to be sorry if she doesn't do what she needs to do, and we are constantly nagging her to either put the ice back on, or the splint.

Only time will tell if she listens and what will happen if she doesn't. I'll keep nagging.

Take care. Stick.


Stick said...

She now has two matching boots that she has to wear for at least another two to four weeks. She limps on both feet, so actually looks like she is walking normally. :o)

Nene said...

Tell her if she doesn't stay down she may end up with a peg-leg! Then she'll clump when she walks like Mad-Eye Moody!