Saturday, December 8, 2007

My cup is full—don’t spill it!

Thanksgiving day we had a table full of 16 for dinner. Actually our table overflowed onto a table set up in the living room for the kids. No, not a card table, but the same idea :o). I was very grateful for the family and friends who joined us, especially when I heard about the 31 that Inside Stories had at her house. My wife just recently made contact with a cousin of hers that lives in our area, and she and her husband also joined us. With her addition, we evidently added that touch of after-dinner entertainment that most family get together’s need. She would make a comment, and everyone would break up laughing. She compares favorably with Yogi Berra for abusing and misusing the English language by either mixing up the word, or using the wrong word in her conversation. I think by far the favorite was when she was discussing the “Hy-anal” hernia that an acquaintance had suffered with. All in all though, it was a great time.

Don’t eat too many leftovers—just enough. Take care. Stick

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