Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Delirious and others have been making confessions on their Blogs of late. I just want you all to know......I ADMIT TO NOTHING! :o) Even though I can't stand the cartoon, to quote Bart Simpson, "Nobody saw a thing, you can't prove anything, I'm innocent." I'm sure that Delirious' youthful memory is warped by her sensitive nature, and vivid imagination. After all she didn't even get the details right. It was her big Teddy bear that was hanging outside her window....or at least so I heard.

Nene has also been reminiscing, particularly about food from our childhood. I remember
Mom's potato soup as being good too, but I think that my least favorite dish was the turkey enchilada that mom makes. Not because it tasted bad, but because she always made it from leftover turkey, and I always got bones in my serving. I don't know why this bothered me so much, but it is the same reason that I don't like trout.


Nene said...

I agree about the bones. Anything mom made from leftover turkey had bones in it. Hated that. The thing I hated most though was eating pheasant - I was eating some one time and bit down on leftover buckshot. Gross. Turned me off of pheasant the rest of my

Inside Stories said...

I was lucky, I didn't get any turkey bones, but the buckshot in the pheasant turned me off pheasant for the rest of my life, too. Plus Dad hung the bloody birds in the garage. Mmm, appetizing! They can just keep that pheasant under glass! :0)

Delirious said...

Oh! You have answered my question! I must not have ever looked at the dummy because I don't remember it being my bear.

I LOVE turkey enchilada, and make it for my family after thanksgiving. I guess there is too much chinese in me because I don't mind a few bones in my meat.

Delirious said...

Oh, and I don't remember ever eating pheasant as a child. Maybe I was too young to know what it was. I have eaten pheasant as an adult that I liked, so I'm glad it wasn't ruined for me.