Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Top Tips to know if you should fire your Realtor

5. Your house has been on the market at $60,000 under its suggested price, and still
hasn’t sold.

4. You call your realtor, and can never get hold of them.

3. You call to ask your realtor to turn the furnace on in the house, and the sprinklers off in the yard, since winter is coming on, and they do neither.

2. Your Realtor’s boss calls you to tell you a room of your house has flooded from your sprinklers, and your realtor didn’t know because it has been so long since they were in the house.

And the #1 tip:

1. The realtor moves, and doesn’t bother to tell you.

Take them. Use them. They all happened to us. Take care. Stick

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