Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumb Animals--I Don't Think SO!

Saturday, my wife and I drove down through an area that was full of hunters looking for that elusive deer. It seemed like every little side road had a truck sitting on it, and the specks of orange out on the hillside came from more than the leaves turning with the fall weather. In the area we were driving there is also a mining operation which has posted areas where you cannot hunt. As we approached the top of this area, we noticed vehicles on the road ahead of us quickly slowing down, and then pulling away again. When we got there we saw why. Lying, standing, feeding and walking around were about 20 deer, including 4 rather large bucks. Now these deer were right out in the open--no trees or brush hiding them. They knew they were safe where they were at. It was almost as if they were laughing and making fun of the hunters, and the frustration they were feeling at having these animals so close, but beyond their reach.

Take Care. Good Hunting. Stick.


Inside Stories said...

When we lived in Flaming Gorge the deer and elk herds would come en masse into town where they could not be hunted. They know!

Native Minnow said...

I remember one day during the elk hunt I got off work, started driving home and saw an entire herd of elk grazing on the church lawn in Dutch John. There were three big bulls (with 5 points or more) and a whole bunch of guys in trucks just sitting there looking at them in frustration.