Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Masked Marauder Strikes again!

My wife and I got up very early yesterday to make a long drive and back to Wyoming. After 14 1/2 hours, we got home and were ready to sleep the sleep of the just. It wasn't to be. At 12:30 am., our three girls came pounding up the stairs from their rooms in the basement, screeching all the way--a sound sure to bring even the dead surging from their beds. They came bursting into our room to the accompaniment of our hurried questions of what was wrong.
"There's a skunk in the window well outside our window!"

Sure enough. On inspection (carefully through the curtains from inside the house), we found one grade A, bonified, live skunk desperately looking for a way out of our 4 1/2 foot deep window well. Needless to say, as a mountain man of some years and experience, and a man of calm and chiseled visage, I did exactly the right thing.
"Go back to bed. We'll deal with it in the morning."
Of course, none of the girls would sleep downstairs after this, and every door between the window well and upstairs was closed, but come morning, our midnight visitor had escaped. He took along with him pieces of the screen from the window, or maybe he just destroyed it beyond recognition out of spite. It looked like he had dug enough dirt against one side of the well to climb to a point where he could jump out. Luckily he did not feel compelled to also leave a lasting reminder of his visit, so we feel blessed all the way around--we'll deal with the screen.
Take care. Get a good nights sleep, and most of your problems will take care of themselves. :o)

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