Thursday, July 5, 2007

You're not qualified to do what!?

We took our kids downtown on the 4th of July to watch the parade. There were a lot of people watching, for the shortest parade we've seen up here. Now don't get me wrong--it was still a good parade, but shorter than normal. Usually all the car guys up here trot out their tuned up, tweeked out, polished up old cars and drive them in the parade. This year, there just weren't as many as before.

So we come to the point of this little episode. Rolling by our observation area came a beautifully restored '41 Ford Coupe. The proud owner driving, waving, and--most importantly to our kids-- throwing candy out the window. He was being followed by a huge Pea Soup Green BLM fire truck. Twenty feet past us, the '41 bursts into flames, with burning oil or gas dripping onto the pavement underneath the chassis. One of the bystanders runs to the BLM truck, "Quick! That car's on fire! Go help put it out!" Their response, "We're not certified for car fires." Luckily, a fast acting policeman, grabbed an extinguisher, and doused the car, then they pushed it off the burning spot on the road, and doused it too.

Now, I really feel sorry for the owner, but I've got to just scratch my head when it comes to the BLM guys. They had extinguishers on their truck too, and in fact someone saw that and grabbed it off anyway, but they acted like they didn't even want to get involved. Maybe it is too much red tape and paperwork if you put out a fire on someone elses turf.
It just makes you think. Take care. Stick

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