Friday, April 15, 2011

Frozen Fans

We attended a track meet yesterday for our two 8th grade boys. Let me preface this by saying, Wednesday was a beautiful day. However....Wednesday night a storm moved in and cooled things off. By Meet time, it was 39 degrees, but the wind was blowing with gusts to 41 mph. The wind chill probably put the temp at 20 degrees. It was FREEZING. Four hours, outside, in the wind, to watch two races. Of course their last race was also the last race of the Meet. At 8:00pm!

I love supporting my kids in what they do, and we try to be to every home event, but this was ridiculous--not only for us, but for the track kids as well. Some of them stood around in nothing but thin shorts and tanks. for up to 30 minutes, from check in, to when their race was actually run.

It took ME almost an hour and a half to warm up after we left. If you know me, you know that I am almost always warmer than anyone around me, always have been. One of the boys had had a drink spilled on his warm-up pants, so he was only wearing shorts the entire time. He will not do that again.

They have another Meet Saturday. It is an away Meet. Sadly, we don't go to away Meets. :o) Good Luck boys!

Take care. Stay warm. Stick.

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Nene said...

I remember one time when Babs was playing football. Gilbert Girl had gone with me and she had her oldest, who was a toddler then. It was so cold, we went and got our car and drove around to the other side of the field where there was a space where we could park and look down into the field and watch. (We had binoculars.) Another time when Rintor was little, he was playing soccer. Babs was a toddler then and it got so cold, all of the parents went to their cars to watch. We honked the horns as our "cheers". We felt bad that the boys had to be out in it, but that didn't mean we had to freeze.