Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deja' Who?

Today, while sitting at my desk, I decided to clean up my hard drive, and delete some old files. I would highlight several files at once, and then delete them. The high light would then go onto the next series of files, so I would have to click "off" of those files to take away the highlight, and then choose the next batch of files to delete. What I didn't realize...every time I clicked off the files, I clicked on one of the files up above.

Later when I went to submit a [paper that is due on Friday, I tried to open it, and it wasn't there! It had been one of those I had accidentally clicked on, and I had deleted it. I also had already emptied the trash. NO FILE! I checked all through my papers to see if I had printed a copy for my records. Nothing! I e-mailed tech support to see if they could recover it. Possibly, but it takes 4 hours, and they have to have the computer for an entire day. I decided that if I did have to rewrite, that I couldn't spare my computer for a whole day. Plus, I have three other papers underway for other classes, and I need to be working on them as well. So, I bit the bullet, and began rewriting the lost paper. I am sure I will finish it in time, but hated to redo work already done once.

Live and Learn, and back up your files! Take care. Stick.


Inklings said...

Oh, no! So sorry.

Nene said...

Did you look in the recycle bin and see if it was there? My husband says that even if you delete something, you can usually find it in the recycle bin.

Stick said...

I checked, and even ran a recovery program. Nothing. I rewrote the paper and turned it in.

Mr. Giggles said...

When it is an important file, I usually save it in two or three different locations, including a flash drive. That is just my personal file security. Might not work for everyone. Works, though.