Sunday, November 14, 2010

Relief, Retraction, Regret

The issue with my Professor has been resolved. It was based on a misunderstanding on my part. Originally, I wrote my projects using a chart from our text. Unfortunately, I read the numbers backwards, so received a lower grade than I had hoped for. The professor also told me that I was missing some information from my project. I had e-mailed the project in, and several of my graphs did not show up on his end. I immediately sent these by fax, and then set about re-working the projects. I discovered my error, and sent the two re-written projects back to the Professor. Five days later, I received one of the projects in the mail, with a higher grade, but a note that said the numbers were still backwards. This is what caused my confusion. What I did not understand at the time was that this paper was NOT one of my re-writes that he had graded, it was the original paper graded again with my faxed graphs included in the grade!

I just received my rewrite grades on Friday. Both projects are now exactly what he wanted, and received full points. I am relieved, because these two projects form the core of my final projects for both classes, and had to be correct for everything in the finals to be correct. Can so spell RELIEF?

Onward and upward. Stick.


Inklings said...

Oh, good! Glad you got that straightened out.

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Dee Ice Hole said...

It has been my experience with all professors is that it is your responsibility to figure out everything even if it is their screw up---I am glad you are back in school and doin' great but I am even more happuy that I never have to darkebn their doors again----NEVER---and I don't donate to the University that required me to come back for a whole quarter to take WOOD TECHNOLOGY. Since that time to this date I have never had to taste a wood to see if it was red or white oak. Cost me a bunch for that quarter but cost them even more for the donations I could have made.