Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Renovation Station

While I was at work Saturday, my wife had our boys start to rip the tile off of our dining room floor. We have been intending to do this, so that we can replace it with laminate floor. I didn't know they were going to start it, and would have waited. We are hosting some youth this Thursday night for our Stake Youth Conference. Now we are trying to finish the floor before them. Lots of work in a short amount of time. Wish us luck.

Take Care. Stick.


Inklings said...

Good luck, but if it doesn't get done, the kids are just lucky you are taking them in at all!

Nene said...

Have you ever read Pres. Hinckley's biography? He was always renovating their house. One time when their daughter was getting married they decided to have the reception in their home. Sis. Hinckley didn't think it was big enough, so Pres. Hinckley said he would add on a room. He began it months before, but it took him right up to the day before the wedding (or was it the day of?) to finish it. :0)