Saturday, May 16, 2009

The To-Do List Is Getting Longer

Towards the end of the school year, things start to get a little hectic, especially around our place. With six active children, we have many activities that call for our time and attention. It is also the time of year when winter has finally let go, and we have nice enough weather to get outside and do a little yard work.

Did I say a LITTLE yard work? We have several projects either planned, or underway. We started these as soon as the snow had been melted long enough to have dry ground, rather than a mudhole. Unfortuantely, Mother Nature decided that winter wasn't over yet, and we had a series of spring storms that brought more snow, or cold rain.

I now have a storage shed halfway assembled, a sprinkler system with only half the trenches dug, a lawn half mowed, a garden plot just waiting for a day to till it up, and another day to plant, and other assorted outside and inside jobs that we just can't seem to find time to get done. Our last day of work before summer break is June 8th. I guess the list will have to wait a little longer. (Last year, we planted our garden, and then it snowed June 4th.)

Take care. Make your list. Stick.

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