Sunday, May 24, 2009

Talent on Tap

Delirious has blogged about giving piano lessons to the members of the Spanish Branch in her area. This must be a universal problem, because they are always looking for someone to play for the Branch here.

My daughter J has often played for them, and was supposed to do so again today. Unfortunately, she came down with this same spring cold that everyone around her seems to either be getting, or getting over. In her place, my third daughter A went and played for them. All of my daughters have done the same, although S has yet to pursue it the way the others have. R plays and sight reads very well, and has accompanied the others when they sing together for church.

All of this is amazing to me. I have trouble reading music, let alone transferring that to keys on the piano. They have both done this with very limited lessons on the piano. We bought a computer program years ago to help learn to play the piano, and R and A took 5 months of beginning piano at school, but we never gave them lessons. They did it on their own. I guess this is my way of telling them how amazing I think they are. I only hope this skill gets passed down to future generations.

Have a great day. Stick.


Inklings said...

I think they are amazing, too, and it's great they can do that.

Amber said...

I'm very impressed that they all play so well!!