Friday, February 13, 2009

Time and time again

Here it is. Parent/Teacher conference time again, and I’m all alone. We are required as teachers to be here for about 8 hours total, to be available to talk to parents about their darling children. I’ve armed myself with grade reports, progress reports, time on task reports, lexile reading reports, and a number of other reports of different criteria to help the parents help their child.

I have 65 students. I have seen 7 parents. I’ve written two chapters on my next book. I’ve beaten 22 levels of Blox-orz. I’ve finished one book I was reading, and started a second, and I’ve written this blog, along with reading all the other blogs that I follow. I guess the time has been productive. I think I’ll go try to solve the last 11 levels of Blox-orz.

Have a great day! Stick.


Delirious said...

I only go to parent teacher conferences if the teacher tells me they feel it is needed. If they don't contact me, I assume everything is going fine.

Stick said...

I Contacted several parents two days ago, and have called almost all of them in the last two weeks, and still only had 7.