Monday, June 9, 2008

Wrong Number

It's 5:18 am. and the phone rings. I wake from a sound sleep and answer it. BEEP....10 seconds...BEEP. It is a computer calling. I hang up in disgust.

Twenty minutes later, it calls back again. My automated voice caller ID tells me, "Call from West Virginia." I answer and hang up again.

REPEAT every day for the last ten days.

The phone company cannot identify the company calling. I cannot call them back to tell them to stop calling. The call block feature only works on local numbers.

I called the annoyance division, and they (computer voice) tell me that calls between certain hours are legal, and I cannot do anything about them.

One helpful operator finally tells me that for a fee ($1.25 per incident) I can trace the call, and after it has been traced successfully three times (with no gurantee of success on any given try), the police can then pursue harassment charges against whatever company they find at fault.

Anybody know a good computer Hacker?

Take care. Stick.


Inside Stories said...

How annoying! I'm sorry.

Dee Ice Hole said...

I'd trace the call---what are a few bucks if you can successfully turn off the caller---I would just get up anyway because I am almost always lying there at that time waiting for enough time to pass to get up and go to work.

Twist's Tales said...

Email me the phone number. I'll get it for you.

Delirious said...

I had something like this happen to me today. I kept getting this one lady calling time after time, but I spoke to her, and we determined she had the wrong number. But she still called like 12 times...I guess hoping that one of the times it would be right. The weird thing was that she said something like, "Is this 432...." My number isn't anywhere close to that. How did she keep getting my number when she was dialing something totally different? She called over and over, and I answered like 4 times, and finally I started letting the answering machine pick up. After about half an hour she stopped. I'm not quite sure why she kept trying.