Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out With The Old--In With The New!

Thursday, we made a trip out of town to take my oldest daughter to a Doctor for her tonsils. Yes, we went out of town for this. EVERYBODY told her not to let the local guy do this. We went to an ENT we used before we moved where we currently live. He took one look at her tonsils, and said that they needed to come out right away, and he wanted to schedule the surgery for the next day. We agreed to get a motel room, then found out that the surgery center where he operates would not accept our insurance. We had to go to one of his associates, who operates at the local hospital there, that does accept our insurance. He looked at her tonsils, and agreed that they needed to come out, but also informed her that he thought she had MONO which had brought on the state her tonsils were in. (She did)

Meanwhile, we knew we would be in this town, so had looked on the Internet for a new vehicle. We had specific things we were looking for, and hadn't been able to find anything locally. We found just what we wanted advertised at a dealership in this town, so went to look at it. It was JUST what we wanted! We decided to wait, and come back later to see if we could qualify, because....

Meanwhile, our house was closing that same day, and we did not know if it was off our credit rating yet.

The results-- We came home with one less home, two less HUMONGOUS tonsils, and a year old car.

We are happy with all the results! (Or will be once the oldest daughter recuperates)

Take care. Stick.


Nene said...

So what kind of year old car???

Nene said...

Oh, and tell J "Get well soon!" She'll do much better without the tonsils!

Stick said...

2007 Yukon XL, loaded and very nice!

Amber said...

congrats on the new car and getting rid of the house and tell J to feel better, mono isn't fun at all, i remember when gilbertgirl had it!