Monday, February 23, 2015

The Plan
          By Stick
How oft has the sculptor
Started out to mold
Without first deciding
The shape the piece would hold.
Or the painter at the easel,
With pen or brush in hand
Who begins to sketch
Without a single plan.

Why would you think then
That this world which we call home
Came about through simple chance
As go the thoughts of some.
With all the symmetry and beauty
That exists for all to see
There must have been some greater plan
When this planet came to be.

No, God in all his wisdom,
The creator and master of all,
Was the architect and builder
Who designed all things great and small.
He molded every mountain
Sketched out each flower and tree
He even took the time
To sketch a plan for you and me.

If the world seems ready to doubt you
And the clouds are rolling in
Or if someone tells you you're nothing
And that you will never win.
You might be down and out,
And unsure of what to do,
But remember that there's a plan for you
That your creator created for you.

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Delirious said...

Something about this font didn't show for me. But by enlarging it on my ipad, I was able to read it. Good thoughts!