Friday, October 8, 2010

Windy In Wyoming?

Not saying it's windy in Wyoming, but....
-The wind stopped for a minute, and five houses fell down.
-There is no such thing as a "Good Hair" day.
-The only people who don't complain about the wind are bald.
-You get ten miles per gallon better mileage when going East.

Now you give it a try! :o) Any posts that don't work will be deleted. I am the final judge.


Mr. Giggles said...

...One of my legs seems shorter in any other state.

...I got pulled over on the freeway for speeding--on a skateboard!

...I don't walk my dog, I just tie on a string and a tail and fly him for a while.

...The grass is so slanted I can only mow from the other direction.

...Mary Poppins can never visit.

...Pres. Obama stays away because the flapping of his ears scares the secret service men.

...I took a deep breath and ended up two counties away!

...if you hang out laundry, it has to be reinforced with steel to avoid being shredded on the line.

...we start our campfires INSIDE.

...I once saw a flock of geese embedded in a camper-trailer.

Nene said...

If it rains you don't have to use an umbrella - to get wet you'd have to run around in a circle.