Sunday, April 18, 2010

I have discovered a Black Hole. It exists right here in our High School. I can make assignment sheets for every student in a class, and give them each one. I even make extras. Within 24 hours, those assignment sheets have disappeared, including the memory of them in every students mind. I can give review sheets for tests, which include all the questions and answers necessary for them to pass the test with ease. Within 24 hours, the sheets are gone, and so are the answers and any memory of them in many of the students.

I had a student sit and goof off while we reviewed for the test. I told the students MANY times that if they studied the review sheet, they would do well on the test. MANY. TIMES. The test contained the EXACT questions from the review sheet, and I gave them the answers when we reviewed. The EXACT ANSWER! This student scored well below the passing score, and had the gall to ask if he could retake the test, because--ready for this--he didn't study. Students who didn't read the book all the way through; students who didn't study, but listened in class to the review both passed this test. Some had an almost perfect score. I think for those that didn't pass, the block hole drained the answers away. Now if we could only get it to work on those ozone depleting CFC's and the liberal press.

Take care. Watch out for those Black Holes. Stick.

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Mr. Giggles said...

I once got excited about one group of kids because they were cheating on a test--which was an improvement from NOT CARING AT ALL!