Monday, December 28, 2009

Blessed to Receive

There have been many years where we have been blessed by gifts given to us either anonomously, or by name. We have tried to do the same when we were able, and have enjoyed giving to others secretly. We have often chosen a family (sometimes after consulting the Bishop) to do the Twelve Day's of Christmas for. This year, we didn't feel able to do that, though we did still give presents to friends and family.

This year we are feeling very blessed again by the great friends, and family, we have who love us as we love them. To all who gave us gifts, We say a united "THANK YOU!" To all of our friends throughout the World, we Love You, and miss you, and hope that the Lord will bless and keep you for the coming year. I hope you each recognize the source of all we receive, as we do, and thank him from whom all blessings come as we begin this new year. Keep him close within your homes and your hearts, as we keep you in our hearts and prayers.

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