Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Day of Resurrection is Near

I called my computer's manufacturer help line today. They had me run some tests, and confirmed that my hard drive was dead. They will send me a new one, along with instructions for its installation within a week, so what was once dead will live again.

We can't wait. Keep on hoping. Stick.


Inklings said...

I am hoping. I even prayed that you can get it fixed. :0)Good Luck!

Amber said...

I'm glad you'll have it fixed soon!

Stick said...

The hard drive came, I put it in, and still have the main problem I had before. I talked to the techs, and they are having us send our computer in for repair. They now think that the hard drive was a secondary problem, but that either the video card is bad, or the display is going bad. Whichever it is, they will fix it and send it back to us as good as new. Here's hoping. Stick.