Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tiger Pride

Today was Tiger Pride day. On this day, once each year, our students go out into the community and give a little back by cleaning up the area. Of course, some give back more than others, but over all a good effort. I am always impressed by these kids. You can tell they have grown up with parents who taught them how to work--many of them have parents who farm (When we talk about a farm around here, we're not talking about your basic little 500 acre hobby farm like back east, or somewhere. We're talking about 35-40,000 acre farms). My group was scheduled to pick up in two of the local parks, cleaning up litter and branches. Just before we left, the school secretary came to us and told us that the city was bringing in some sod for one area of the park we were going to--6000 sq. feet of it! We bent to it, and with these kids, we laid that all in under an hour! I just wish I could get them to work that hard on school work :o).

Ther are some great youth out there coming up. They have drive, ambition, and they aren't afraid of work. It gives me hope for my future, and the future of this country.

Take care, and have a great day! Stick.

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